Friday, January 22, 2010

29 Weeks + Belly + Names??

Well, we made it another week! Yesterday I passed the 29 week mark and I was so pleased. God has been gracious to us!

Here's a picture of my 29 week belly. I meant to post pictures sooner. Better late than never is the story of my life!

Ok, now here's the real reason for the post. We need help naming our little girl. We seriously have come up with nothing! We aren't looking for wierd names, with weird spellings, we like more traditional names that aren't too popular. Any suggestions?

Thanks guys!!



Mandy said...

Naming other people's babies! Yay! I did this when I was pregnant with Harper and it was so much fun to hear everyone's ideas. Sheila Layman actually found a website (don't know what it was), where you could plug in the names of your other children, and it gave suggestions based on that. Here's some names I thought of:

Claire (one of my picks for Harper)
Grace/Gracie (another one I didn't get)

Have fun!

Jenny said...

I'm LOVIN' your belly of twins! :)

Since we got a baby boy, I'm sending you all our girl names, just like I told you I would! Of course, we liked all of their meanings, too.

Alora- God is my light
Rebekah- to bind
Mae- discerning
Adelaide/Ada- noble, kind
Vivian- lively
Ariana- holy
Christine- anointed
Grace- grace

The Bearded Lady said...

I LOVE your picture!! Here is my list:

Lucy (2nd favorite!!) Goes with Bethany and Aubrey!!)
Elyana/Elliana (el-ee-an-ah)= God has answered (1st favorite for you!)


Mike and Jess Richey said...

Oh Abby, you look so precious! So glad that we have been able to catch up a bit!

rbollom said...

You look GREAT!

Here's my offerings:
Margaret (Maggie)----> "pearl"
Lilian (Lily) ----> "lily (symbol of purity)"
Clara ----> "clear/bright"

ummm... Rebecca ---->"peacemaker/trustworthy"?


I kinda like old lady names - timeless!

Ellen said...

Of course I love Lucy, but here are some more:


Anonymous said...

I got to help name you, I still remember the day your mom and I talked about little girl names. We were pretending to exercise, ha!

My choice for that sweet girl is "Molly"
I love you, Aunt Rita

C said...

How about Ruth Ann(e)?

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Hi Abby!!

You look GREAT! I think you are going to be one tired mama in a few short months - but trust me - those days will pass very quickly and those babies will be grown before you know it! Do you have anyone coming to help you after the twins come?? I hope so - cause you will need it for sure!

I LOVE naming babies! I had a major part in naming 6 out of 8 grandkids!! Since you like classic type names I'm going throw you a few suggestions.

Dorothy - after your precious mom -(you could call her Dottie which I LOVE)

I've got lots lots more if you ever want me to send them to you (big grin!!)

So proud of you sweet girl!!! Your mama is too!
Julie (aka Mammy)

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said...

I was gonna say Molly too.

You know what else I have heard a couple of times recently that I love is Sally.

The one name that I could never talk my husband into was Clementine. Sob.

I also love Louisa.

And you are gonna do great. Once you get them to sleep all night, the babies will be a piece of cake. Been there, done that. It's the older ones who are hard!

And if it makes you feel better I decided that NOTHING was worse than being pregnant with little ones. Nothing. Having a newborn (or two) was easy next to being pregnant!!

The Puppet Master said...

How about Brenna? It's not common and yet not way out there weird. I think it's beautiful.

Noelle Coen said...

My favorite girl names are:

Elena Noelle
Audrey Elena
Madeline Noelle

Can't wait to see what you select =)

Noelle Coen said...

I just realized it looks like I like my name a lot, LOL. Really though, we want to pass it on if I ever have a girl, so I always try first names out with Noelle as a middle name =)