Friday, June 26, 2009

Pray for Will

Hi guys,

I am passing along a prayer request for a little man named Will. I don't know him at all, he is the son of a friend of my friend Lisa. All I know is that if Will were my son I would appreciate the prayers of everyone. So here is his picture and a letter from his Mom and Dad. PLEASE PRAY!

Hi friends,

As many of you know, my 6 year-old son Will has experienced vision loss over the past several months attributed to what was thought to be a genetic form of juvenile macular degeneration.

We received some devastating news this week from our genetics visit last month that diagnoses him with Batten's Disease, a very rare neurological disease that initially attacks the eyes and then moves to the brain. As you can imagine, we are in shock...and while we refuse to claim this diagnosis, based on our faith, we cannot deny the DNA tests, nor the progressiveness of this disease.

My Will is such a wonderful, kind, caring and loving child. To think this horrible disease affecting only 1000 children in the country will steal his vision, mind, mobility and life is unimaginable. Since there is no cure (yet), we will rely on faith and prayers to lead the way to a miraculous healing for our son and possibly sons, since all our boys are at risk and will be tested next weeks.

I ask you plainly, with your utmost passion, to pray for our Will. Please pray for him each day; please include him prayers groups, at churches, share his picture with friends and family of faith. All we have is prayers and faith in God, and I will take the possibility of his intervention over any medicine, any day. I believe in each of you and I thank you for taking the time to read this, thoughts for my family and the hope that you wonderful friends send our way.

I've attached a recent photo of our sweet Will as a visual reminder of who you are praying for. Many thanks to Jamie Werner for taking this awesome photo and capturing his beautiful face so perfectly!!

With love and a heartful of thanks,
Will's Mom and Dad