Thursday, January 7, 2010

27 Week Baby Pictures!

We saw our specialist today. She said that things are progressing nicely and the babies look healthy. We are praising God for that good news and are praying that God continues to watch over our little boy and girl. We are still praying for healthy babies...please pray with us!

One funny thing we saw today was baby boy poking his little fingers in his sister's face. Of course there is a thick membrane between the two of them, but he would put his fingers right up to her nose and she would back away. He's already bothering her, I hope this is not a sign of things to come! ;-)

Here are some pictures from today's appointment.

Baby Boy!

Baby Girl!

The specialist also estimated baby girl's weight at 2lbs 12oz and baby boy at 2lbs 10oz so I have a good 5 pounds of baby in me! I'll be posting belly shots soon, so check back if you're interested!



Lisa said...

Love it! It is totally signs of things to come, but at least they will be used it. :) The pictures are awesome!

Jenny said...

Wow-- such detail in those pictures! They already look like their older siblings. Actually, both pictures kind of reminded me of Russell more than anyone. I'm so glad that God chose YOU and Colin for this special gift of twins! Can't wait to meet the little darlins. :)

The Bearded Lady said...

What INCREDIBLE pictures!! Thanks for sharing! Praising Him for healthy Mommy and babies!!

Debbie said...

Baby Girl - reminds me of Russell who reminds me of you on March 3, 1978.

Baby Boy - I do not think he was aggravating, he was making sure his sissy was ok. Brothers do that - I know!