Friday, February 19, 2010

Do Twins Run in your Family??

And other questions I've been asked throughout my pregnancy...

My friend Lisa, who is a fellow twin mommy, told me when I was newly pregnant that people would ask a lot of questions once they found I was expecting twins. I wondered to myself at the time if it could really be any more than with a singleton pregnancy, because I just assumed that people are generally curious when you're pregnant...well she was right, I've had a TON more questions! Here are some questions people have asked me in a typical conversation:

Q: Do you know what you are having?
A: Yes, a boy and a girl.
Q: A boy AND a girl????
A: Yes.
A: Yes...
Q: Do twins run in your family?
A: Yes, my grandmother was a twin
Q: So didn't you know you were rolling the dice...that you could get pregnant with TWINS???
A: Uhm, well, uh, well, I guess I really didn't think about it like that...but uh, maybe, yeah...


A: Yes
Q: Don't you already have THREE kids? (look of disapproval because I am one of those...the kind that already has too many kids)


A: Yes
Q: Were you trying for twins?
A: Huh? Is that possible?


Q: Did you take fertility drugs?
Q: Are you DONE having kids?
Q: Did you know...any random fact about twins?
Q: How are you going to afford ALL those kids?
Q: How are you going to take care of ALL those kids?
Q: What are you going to do with ALL those kids?

And my very favorite question of them all...


And the conversation is usually summed up really nicely with a "Glad it's you and not me" and off we go on our seperate ways.

I can't wait for all the questions I'll get when I have all FIVE kids in the grocery store! That will be fun! :)