Saturday, March 8, 2008


So I have a friend, Jovi who may or may not know she had challenged me to rethink the way that I do things. Back in 2005 when she and I started e-mailing back and forth a friendship was formed discussing cloth diapering. She also taught me about CSA and lots of other things that we can do to be healthier and protect the earth. Have I done the things that she taught me you ask? Well not exactly, I tried, and gave up far too easily. I want that to change though, I don't want keep doing the same things I have been doing just because it's what I've always done. So I'm blogging about this for a little accountability. I plan to read this,

and hope that it helps me to start living better than I am now. It's time to make some changes and this a good way to start! Who knows maybe I'll start cd'ing Bethany next!


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blue Cake

Way back in 1981, when I turned 3, I wanted a Mickey Mouse birthday cake more than anything for my birthday party. My Dad, being the baker in the family, obliged and set about to make me a Mickey cake. At some point during the cake making process something went terribly wrong, and I ended up with a blue cake....inside and out. Being the quirky family that we are, we latched on to this little accident and made it a tradition in our family. Now when I have a birthday I have a blue cake and so does everyone else from time to time. Here are some pictures of our blue cakes...

Aubrey's Pale Blue Birthday Cake

Colin's Blue Birthday Cake
My Birthday Cake

Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm tired of grief...

and I want it to be over. Today is my birthday, it should be a happy day, I have fought hard to celebrate, but to tell you the truth so far today has just been awful. I miss my mom and I'm mad that she isn't here. I HATE death, so there.

Sorry if you reading this and you've done something special for me, it does mean a lot to me and I thank you for it.


Ok so 10 minutes after I post this, I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my mom's friends, who have been calling all day just to tell me they love me. I'm grateful. Today is not so bad, but man I'm volatile...argh!