Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vanilla Bean Almonds and Clear Play

I love these almonds!! They are delicious!! Once you eat one it's hard to stop. Supposedly they will help you manage your weight if you eat one ounce a day by being a more satisfying and filling snack. I wonder if it helps you even more if you eat 5 ounces in one know just wondering not because I ate 5 ounces in one day, I ate six! :)

Anyway, the serious point to my post is Clear Play. The Bearded Lady wrote a great post on the Clear Play DVD player. It filters out a lot of the "trash" from movies...seems like a great idea to me. Go check it out!



Jovi said...

hehe, i can never eat just a few nuts, either ;)

hey, i've been meaning to's the GFCF diet going? the almonds made me think of almond milk and reminded me :)

The Bearded Lady said...

Thank you, thank you for the shout out!!! GFCF?? I'm praying for you!! It is tough stuff but I have seen good results!!!


AlamNobi said...

During my student life we, eat a lot. Taste is not bad!!

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