Sunday, January 18, 2009

Date ideas??

Hello blogging friends! I have a question. Do you have any fun and INEXPENSIVE date ideas? Colin and I always seem to end up at Starbucks, which is fine, but it's getting old. What do you do when you get a night out without kiddos???? :)

Abby :)


Mandy said...

The drive in's $5 a person for a double feature if you feel like staying that long. I think it's called the Showboat Drive-In, and they have a website. It's on 2920 a few miles past 249.

Brandon and I used to end up at Barnes and Noble on dates--both of us are readers and we used to just browse for an hour or so, sometimes buying something, sometimes not.

We also enjoy seeing the musicals this time of year at the local high schools.

And I'm a wee bit envious of your date nights. Can't remember our last one!

Sarah S said...


Jenny said...

1)Flip & Drive- get in the car, and at each major intersection (or minor intersection. it's your choice!), you flip a coin: heads is left, tails is right. You get to see parts of town you never go to, and enjoy talking about all sorts of things!

2.)Art interpretations- go for a walk around a place that has lots of art in some form: sculptures, paintings, etc. At each one, you stop and give your interpretations, why you think that, etc.

I love date nights, whatever they may consist of! Just being alone with Brad is awesome!

Julie Marler said...

Hi Abby!! Found you through Ashley's blog! One of mine and Robin's favorite super-cheap date was going to Sonic!! Quit laughing!! Seriously, we never had money to pay the babysitter AND go out. So we would pay the sitter, go to Sonic and order a "brown bag special" for $4.99 (2 burgers/fries/cokes) and sit for hours at Sonic. Where else can you laugh, cry, argue, have long wonderful talks about your future and NO ONE bother you!!! Some of our deepest discussions happened in a Sonic parking lot! Still our favorite place. But now we pay no sitter and we could possibly afford to go somewhere else nicer - but tell me - who makes a better diet coke than Sonic?? NO ONE! I can honestly think of 3 anniversaries that we spent at Sonic!!
Happy dating to you and Colin!!
Mammy Marler
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The Bearded Lady said...

I'm looking forward to reading everyone's ideas!!! We end up not knowing what to do either! Maybe Scrabble at Barnes and Noble? A puzzle at B & N? A long walk at a park.

I'm pretty sure I get a D for creativity!!

Becky said...

Hey Abby, I see you at church and you probably don't know me but we have the same friends. Anyhow when Joe and I get to go out we like to head to Lowe's and pick out the details of our next house, you know that custom one that lives in our heads.