Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Ashley!!!

Dear Ashley,

Happy birthday darling, we love you!! You're two now, I can't believe it!! I know it probably seems like only a moment that you've been in heaven, but for those of us still here on earth, two years is a long time to be without you. We miss you like crazy, and spend a lot of time thinking about you. I want you to know your little sister is precious and we are wild about her. We love our new little cousin, just like we love you!!! We can't wait until the day we are all together again, and the pain of losing you won't even be a memory because all our tears will be wiped away. Until are your pink balloons from your cousins! We love you stars in sky sweet girl!!

Aubrey drew you a happy face!!! :)

Stars in sky,
Uncle Colin, Aunt Abby, Russell, Aubrey & Bethany

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Jenny said...

I'm supposed to be calming down for sleep. And this is making me all teary. What a sweet thing to do. I love you, Abby. And I love your kiddos. And your Colin. You're so thoughtful!!!