Sunday, August 17, 2008

What we've been saying!

As I've mentioned before, Russell has food allergies, so it is a topic we discuss a lot. Yesterday he was trying to figure out some things about his allergies, specifically eczema and he says "So I'm 'lergic to eggs and Connor's 'lergic to eggs you put that together and we have "egg"zema! That makes sense right?!

Yesterday we celebrated Puppy's 4th birthday...Puppy is his special blue dog from his Mamo that he must have before he goes to I made a gfcf egg free cake because Puppy is also on a restricted diet now too. After giving Puppy some cake Russell exclaims, WOW Mom, Puppy really likes his pupcakes!! This time he was trying to be funny, we love his sense of humor!

Russell also tells me all the time that I need to "blog" about that, if he thinks that it is noteworthy...often times it has to do with the jumps he has mastered on his bike. Maybe I will blog about that sometime.

Aubrey has said some funny things too, but unfortunately I can't remember what they are right now, I'll update if I can think of them!! (I know, all of you who are not the firstborn are thinking right now about how your mother didn't remember all the great things you said and did too, well stop it, we love you just the same, we're just tired that's all.)

Much love,

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Jovi said...

what a sweet boy! zion's animals are all allergic to eggs, too ;)

and yes, i am totally guilty of second child syndrome...liel's baby book is SO out of date! but the love is there :) :)

how's your kitchen life?