Wednesday, February 20, 2008

You look pretty with a sticker

I'm sure it wouldn't come as a surprise to many who read this blog that it is a tad choatic at our house most of the time, but especially when we are loading up to go somewhere. Since we have somewhere to be all but Friday and Saturday mornings, loading up is routine and choas is accepted as normal around here. This morning as we were getting ready to leave for Aspire we were running late, as usual, and I needed to go to the bathroom. I decided, instead of waiting until we got to Aspire and I had on less kid to look after, I would just go before we left the house. Why would I wait you ask? Well, it's simple, my kids realize I'm helpless to do anything when I'm occupied in the bathroom and that's when "things" happen around here:

Exhibit A: Look closely at her hands. Yes that is a stamp you see. She was being a "good little sister" and of course all good little sisters deserve stamps on their hands...mind you, she was only 3 weeks old here.
Exhibit B: Today, as I am in the bathroom, I hear Russell say " You look pretty with a sticker" and I knew he had decorated his sister somehow. I immediately think, he has the markers out too, uh oh, so I rush out to find this...pretty with a sticker

Not too bad, at least there were no markers involved this time.

Here are some more recent pictures:

Bethany and Daddy after church

Hey! Do I know you?

Daddy and his Princess

Smiley Girl!!

Love you all,


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Jovi said...

awww, so cute! i love the way russell decorates his sister!!! :) :)