Monday, February 4, 2008

Do you need a map?

Today I thought I would be a nice Mommy and let Russell and Aubrey watch Word World, a treat usually reserved for Fridays, so I could nurse Bethany in peace. Russell came to check on us a few times while we were rocking in Bethany's room, and he showed me how he could put the markers together to make a really long stick. I probably should have paid attention to the little alarm going off in my head that was telling me to confiscate the markers immediately, but that would cause a fight and disrupt the peace I really wanted, so I did what any mom who needs a break would do...I ignored the alarm. Fast forward 30 minutes when I walked into our living room. What did I find???? Pink marker scibbled all over the carpet.

"Russell!!! Come here, NOW!" , I say through gritted teeth

"What is it Mama", he says with his most charming grin

"What is on the floor", I say still through gritted teeth

"That's my map", he says

"Your MAP???", I reply

"Yeah, my map, I drew it so that Scoop would know where to drive." he replies, still grinning at me

So we chat about how we write on paper and not the carpet and that he can pull out the car mat if he wants Scoop to have a map. We clean up the mess, thankfully it was Crayola washable markers and it comes out easily. Then I go sneak away and go have a good laugh! :)

I'm so glad that I get to be the one to clean up his little messes!


Jovi said...

lol! zion is sooo good at justifying his naughtiness these days. cause in his head if there's a good reason, it's not naughty! glad it cleaned up easily!

Robin said...

Now that is funny!!! Only b/c I'm not there just yet.

I miss you tons!! Mom and I talked about you yesterday.

Love you much!