Monday, May 24, 2010

2 Months Already

Lilly Pie and Asher Man,

You are two months old! Wow time flies! It seems like just yesterday your Daddy and I were welcoming you here!

Now here we are two months later and we are more in love with you than ever!! Here are some things that I want to remember about this month:

- Lillian you smile all the time! You also cry a lot! :)

- Asher you are still laid back. You take it all in, a man of few words, except when you are hungry. - You are both very strong! You lift your head up when you are on your tummy and look at your toys. You like laying on your back and looking up at the fun things hanging down on your play gym.

- You both follow rattles and other brightly colored toys with your eyes. You are very interested in your surroundings. - Asher you love for Aubrey to play with you and engage with you. You smile for her a lot!

- Asher you don't like it when Bethany shoves toys in your face. Your Daddy and I are trying to help her be more gentle when she plays with you.

- Lillian you love going for walks, while Asher is napping, your eyes are wide open taking in the great outdoors. I hope this is the beginning of your love for the outdoors, maybe one day we'll hike together.

- Lillian, Aubrey and Bethany don't like for you to leave home without a bow in your hair.

- Asher, Russell takes great pride in the fact that you look like him. So does your Aunt 'Stina since your really do look like her with your red hair and blue eyes! - Asher you found your thumb and your Daddy is just beside himself...he want you to take a "Doodler" and not your thumb!!

- Asher, your brother and sisters have changed the words of the song "Hot Dog" by They Might Be Giants from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse just for you! It goes like this...

Ash Dog, Ash Dog, Ash Diggity Dog!
It's a brand new day whatcha waiting for!
Get up, stretch out, stomp on the floor...
Ash Dog, Ash Dog, Ash Diggity Dog!

-Asher and Lillian you have brought joy back into my life. I haven't been this happy since before my Mom died. I was so scared before you came. I knew it was going to be hard, but I didn't know how hard, and the truth is that frightened me. Now that you are here, it is hard, but you guys are soooooo worth it! I LOVE being your Mommy! I am so glad that God gave you to me! You are a gift and I love you both more than there are stars in the Sky!


Lisa said...

Oh Abby, I have been thinking so much about you and have wanted to check in. I'm so glad to read about how your family is growing and loving each other. It warms my heart and hope each day for you gets a little easier.

Jenny said...

I love this, Abs!!! Counting down the weeks (4) until I get to meet the babies and see all of you!!!! Love and hugs and kisses all around!!! (And exclamation marks, too!!! For all of you!!!!!!!)

rbollom said...

Abby - you make me smile!! This brought tears to my eyes! I absolutely love love LOVE hearing all of this. You give me strength!