Friday, November 6, 2009

Coming Late March 2010

to our house!

A baby GIRL!!!!


A baby BOY!!!!

I always wanted bookend boys and now I get them! :)

Yep we're pregnant with TWINS!! Number 4 and Number 5!

We are thrilled for what God is doing in our lives and in our family, but we are also overwhelmed (I'm just being real). The thought of 5 kids 6 and under is...uh...well...there just aren't words. So we are genuinely asking for your prayers. For healthy babies and for God's peace as we enter into a VERY chaotic season in our lives.

May God multiply your blessings, like He has multiplied ours!

Much love,



Ashley McWhorter said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! There are NO words! OH MY GOSH!!!!! Well, congratulations!!!! :)

Ashley McWhorter said...

Who is your doctor in The Woodlands?

Mandy said...

A boy and a girl! We couldn't be happier for you guys, and Brandon is very jealous of your 5 under 6. Remember, you have lots of friends dying to help with your kiddos, before and after the babies get here!

Abby said...

Ashley I see Dr. Clayton Young for my regular OB and Dr. Stacy Strehlow as my high risk doctor.

Yes, we had no words too...I mean seriously NO WORDS, totally SPEECHLESS and it takes a lot for this chatterbox to not have any words!!

Abby said...

Thanks Mandy! Brandon is the only one I know with enough energy for 5 under 6! ;)

Jenny said...

Glad you had time to update again! :) I just knew the other one would be a girl! I've got this great, foolproof method of predicting the gender of babies... I should teach it to you sometime! I'm so excited for y'all, and to have another "niece & nephew"!!! (And every sentence ends in an exclamation mark!)

Lisa said...

You are going to love having twins, Abby. It will be like nothing you've ever experienced and the multiplied blessings will continue... although that is a lot easier to say from here than it was a year ago. You'll get your feet on the ground and we will be praying for your whole family.

Angie said...

I am so happy for you two! God knows what he is doing - you are an amazing mom!!! :)

Danyel Lintelman said...

How exciting! Congratulations!!!! Just remember that God knows what He is doing! God bless you all!