Friday, September 25, 2009

Favorite Restaurant

So I read It's Almost Naptime religiously since I found it on The Bearded Lady's blogroll and I love it! The gal who writes this blog make me laugh until I cry and then some. So when I saw that she was having her Friday Faves about restaurants I had to participate. Especially because I've been doing a lot of thinking about restaurants since I read Mandy's post about all the yummy places she went to eat at in NYC.

Mexican Food. We LOVE good mexican food at our house and I think Chuy's is our absolute favorite, with Pappasito's coming in a close second and then of course we love Gringos and our local Los Generales (they are especially kid friendly, they don't glare at us when we leave the place a total mess and they are nice when we return...I think we eat there to much because the hostess knows Bethany by name!)

Italian Food. Again, this is some food we love! A few of our favorite places are Collina's, Gugliani's and Maggianos on special occasions.

Steak. This is really Colin's deal, those who know me, know that even though I am carnivorous now and have been for a while, dead cow with any amount of pink in the center GROSSES me out. People tell me to really love steak it has to have some pink in the middle, but I'm not sold on that. I guess that means I'll never really love steak, but I'll go along and enjoy it because my hubby is there. His favorite is Morton's with Perry's being a close second.

Chinese Food. We aren't big fans, but when we eat it we go to Pei Wei or PF Changs.

Hamburgers. We love Mel's in Tomball! Yummy!!!

Coffee and dessert. If we want to stay close to home we go to Rao's, but if we are down near my brother, we grab him and go to Ruggles in the Village where we pretend we're hip and cool like all his CTK friends!! Date night's usually involve cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.

Another place we go with my brother and pretend we aren't old and totally uncool is Shade in the Heights. We love it and we'll be visiting there more when he actually moves to the Heights. Also while in the Heights, we have to visit Penzey's, it's not a restaurant, but it's such a cool spice shop I have to mention it.

So those are our favorites...what are yours?


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Mandy said...

Hey--I read Naptime too! Love her, I laugh out loud every time I read her blog.