Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Where on earth have I been??

I have been taking care of sick babies, at Cenacle Retreat House on a silent retreat, taking care of sick babies and not sleeping, at Disney World , taking care of sick babies and being sick myself, taking care of sick babies.

If I could find the pictures of Disney World I would post them, until then no pictures, just a post to let you know I'm here!


Robin said...

WHEW...I was beginning to worry about you! HA, not really. I have a whole new appreciation for mom's with more than 1 child, it's not easy!

I hope everyone is feeling better and DISNEY WORLD?? HELLO--fun!!!!

I'm thinking about you a lot this month and especially in the days ahead.

Love you, Rob

Jovi said...

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that was from zion :)

glad to hear from you! miss you xoxo

Them Chandlers said...

Abby, thank you for introducing yourself! I pray you find rest and peace in Him during this season.