Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dallas Trip

I'm a little late posting these pictures because it's been almost 3 weeks since we went, but better late than never!! I'll post Easter later too! Bethany and I had a great time driving to Dallas with Grandma to visit Daddy's Grandma and Mommy's cousins...hence referred to as Uncle and Aunt! :) Enjoy!

On my way

Bethany and Daddy's Grandma

Cindy & Nancy

Cindy, Abby & Nancy

Bethany & Uncle Dubbs

Bethany & Evie

Bethany & Aunt Jenny

Bethany & Uncle Brad

Jenny, Evie & Abby

Love to all,


Robin said...

How much fun!!! I'm glad you got to get away for awhile and look at that sweet smile of Bethany's. She is a doll. Thanks for sharing!

Love you tons,

Jovi said...

adorable!! i just love bethany's cheeks :) :)