Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Blue Cake

Way back in 1981, when I turned 3, I wanted a Mickey Mouse birthday cake more than anything for my birthday party. My Dad, being the baker in the family, obliged and set about to make me a Mickey cake. At some point during the cake making process something went terribly wrong, and I ended up with a blue cake....inside and out. Being the quirky family that we are, we latched on to this little accident and made it a tradition in our family. Now when I have a birthday I have a blue cake and so does everyone else from time to time. Here are some pictures of our blue cakes...

Aubrey's Pale Blue Birthday Cake

Colin's Blue Birthday Cake
My Birthday Cake


Robin said...

Now that is funny!!!!!!!!

Jovi said...

happy belated birthday!!!! i'm sorry i missed it. **HUGS** your cake looks tasty, lol! i'm trying to figure out what kind to make for zion. he said vanilla, now chocolate. hopefully he'll settle on something by the time i have to make it!

and i looove that bowling for soup song! wouldn't mind coming back to TX, either. we *might* be out in january (like 10 months from now), i'll keep you posted!