Thursday, August 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jenny Dear!!

Happy Birthday Jenny Dear! I made a little video to commerate how you heard this song for the fist time. I recorded in a card didn't I? I don't really remember. I do know this song is just for you, and I've been singing it every August 5th for more than half your life now! I sure don't know what I would have done if God hadn't made us cousins!! ;-) I love you dearly, Jenny Dear! Now are you ready for a hearty laugh?!?!?! :) Love, Abs


Jenny Smucker said...

What a special birthday greeting! I love it! I love the song you always sing me. Makes me smile every time! You are so special to me. What would have happend if God hadn't made us cousins? Wheww, I'm so glad He did! I can relax now! I love you stars in sky, Abs.

faith. said...

that is so sweet, abby! and all those pictures of your kids up there are so beautiful. you have beautiful kids!!! will we get to see you at thanksgiving at all??? because i really miss you, abby!