Monday, March 22, 2010


Lillian Joy Muirhead
8:26 AM
6lbs 5oz
18.5 inches

Asher Edmond Muirhead
8:27 AM
20.25 inches

Our hearts are full! We are so overwhelmed at God's goodness!

Love to you all,


Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Oh How Precious!!!! LOVE THE NAMES!!! I'm sure you realize that you just gave birth to over 13 lbs of babies! Girl - you rock!!!!!
They are beautiful, big and healthy! I've seen plenty of singleton births that were not that big! Don't think they will be spending much time in NICU! Yea - I bet they both come home with you! Hope you are ready for this Mama Abby!
But.....that baby boy may never forgive you for letting his sister be born before him! He's going to be the "baby" forever and she may NEVER let him forget it!!! hee!hee!
Blessings to you and Colin! God is so very faithful!!!

Julie Marler (Mammy) said...
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Julie Marler (Mammy) said...

Oh yeah....I'm still just a little disappointed that you did not name baby girl - Dorothy!! :(
However, I DO LOVE Lillian! Ashley has a Lily
(semi-named after Robin's grandmother who was Lillian)

The Bearded Lady (Laura) said...

I LOVE them!!! They are BEEEEEYYYOOOUUUUTIFUL Babies!! God is SO GOOD!! Healthy and Strong!!

I cannot wait to squeeze these babies and their Mama!!

Lisa said...

Holy cow! No wonder the little precious babies look so big. They are BIG! That is wonderful news, Abby. Congratulations!! I can't wait to come meet them. I hope you are recovering well, too. Much love and kisses to your whole family. And do still call me whenever you need some support. The fun is just starting!

Jenny said...

woooo-hoooooooo! welcome to this big bright world, lillian and asher! abs, i'm so happy for you and colin! you've got 2 more beautiful babies! yay for russ and aubrey and bethany, too!

Mike and Jess Richey said...

They are precious Abby!!! God is so good!

Mandy said...

Great big beautiful babies! Way to go Abby! I absolutely love this picture, the way they are all up in each other's business like only "womb-mates" can be. Take it easy, girl, you're going to need your rest for this crew!

Noelle Coen said...

What beautiful babies! Congratulations Abby and family =)

Jenny said...

Look at those big healthy babies! Congrats!

Jenny said...

John wants to look at these pics of "Asher and Lilleee" multiple times a day. *Every.*Day.*

Yesterday we found a little slug, and he and Truman played with it for a long time. He named the slug Asher. :)