Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whew, that was a close one! :)

The other day while Russell, Bethany and I were all playing, Bethany crawled into my lap and started to put her fingers in my mouth. I told her "no no", but she persisted. After several minutes of this, I was beginning to get extremely annoyed that she wanted her fingers in my mouth, so I put her down and began to get up when Russell came and said...

"Mom, she was just trying to get that out of your mouth."

"What thing out of my mouth?" I replied.

"THAT!!" He shouts pointing to my mouth.

"Describe what 'THAT' is!" I say

"That BIG brown thing on your front tooth." he says

So I go to the mirror and look and sure enough I have food stuck in my teeth and Bethany was trying to pick it out. Now I'm not sure if she was hungry or if she was already trying to protect my vanity, but none the less I am happy she saved me from a potentially embarassing situation! :)


Robin said...

Now that is SO funny!!!!

Jovi said...

that girl is going to be very useful to you again in the future i'm sure! :)