Friday, September 5, 2008

"Russell, will you please STOP taking things apart?"

I might as well be on repeat these days. Russell has become quite the handy man lately. At times this is a great thing, he can help his Daddy around the house and the numerous repair people that have come through as a result of selling the house (yes we sold it, no we don't have another place to live...another post all together) BUT there are times when it has it's drawbacks. Like last Saturday when he took a wheel off one of our lawnmowers, or all the tiny screws he's accumulating that have come out something in our house but he doesn't remember where, or his sisters toys (but not his because that would break them) and the list goes on. Truthfully, I think I would be more laid back about this if I wasn't so worried about Bethany ingesting a small, sharp piece of metal. I think it's great that he knows how to take things apart, now it's time to learn how to put them back together!!!

I hope you all have a great weekend!!

Much love,


Jovi said...

wow, that is so cool that russell is so mechanically inclined! i can see why you'd be concerned about all the bits laying around kids are def not the best at picking up after they are done :P

Sarah S said...

sold your house?? why didn't I know you were selling/moving?! What rock have I been under! Congrats! Miss you!

robkg said...

Hi Abby,it has been such along time. The kids are so cute. Kayla says to tell you hello. We talk about you often and wonder how you are. I am sorry to read about your Mom. She was a very special person that always made us feel like we were kings and queens. I can still visualize her walking around the track supporting Kayla at her special olympic track meet. I understand your pain and anger. It can be very overwhelming at times. It just insn't right to loose a mom at such a young age for both of you. Just when you both needed each other the most. As I have said to you in the past, I will always be here if you need anything. 512-260-7693

Love ya,
Robin Greene