Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley!!

Dearest Precious Ashley,

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I love you so much, so much!!! Oh how I wish I could have met you, I wish I could have told you how much you I was looking forward to being your aunt, I wish I could have held you. I have spent days thinking about you, missing you, remembering you...I remember finding out about you, that you were in your Mommy's tummy and you were going to be here February 26, 2007. I remember when your Mommy sent me an e-mail that said it's a....GIRL! Aubrey and I were so excited we rushed out and bought you something pink. We were so excited that Aubrey was going to have a cousin and that you were going to be friends like I am with my cousin and like your Mommy is with her cousin. We had so many plans, but God had a different one. I will never understand His plan, but I do know this...that before there was time, He planned you and I am so glad He did. You are precious and I will always love you.

So we couldn't let this day pass without celebrating your birthday! Here are pictures from the party we had for you! We sent "birthday cards" to you in heaven via pink balloons, one from each of your cousins. I know our party pales in comparison to the one you're having in heaven today, but we still hope you liked your balloons! We love you stars in sky!!!!!!

Love you stars in sky!

Aunt Abby

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Jovi said...

*sniffle* it's like 99 red balloons, but pink, and so cute with your kids...

it's wonderful to see you blogging, again, mama!