Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lazy Days of Summer

Summer is off to a great start for us, I have enjoyed having the kids at home. It's been nice to have at least two days a week that we don't have to be out and about, getting three kids breakfast, dressed, in the car and off to wherever we are going is exhausting!

Russell is keeping me laughing. He told me I smelled like cheese today as if it were a compliment...nice, right?? Aubrey is in the process of giving up her Doodler (aka pacifier) and is a little out of sorts. She also flooded our bathroom today because I didn't get to the sink fast enough to turn off the water, seems she and Liel something in common these days! :) And Miss Bethany is trying her hardest to crawl. Where did my baby go?

Here are some pictures...

Love to you all,