Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The five of us...

Well Bethany is a week old and I am just now getting around to posting again. I must admit that adjusting to a new baby in the house is just as hard the third time as it was the first. It's the things I have to adjust to that are different. With Russell I needed to learn how to change a diaper, burp him, go without sleep. With Aubrey I had to do all those things but with only one hand. The other hand was to catch Russell when he darted off...inevitably during a time when I really did need two hands for Aubrey. Now adding a third...hmm. I don't have three hands, essentially I have to triage the situation and the truth is that I'm not always that quick on my feet, especially when I'm sleep deprived, so we are climbing a learning curve here at the Muirhead's. I know there are those have traveled this road before me and done well, so I take encouragement in that. My precious friend Kristin's mom comes to mind...she raised three amazing daughters who were all VERY close in age, so if she can do it, maybe I can too! :) Now I'll stop rambling and post some pictures! Isn't that why you're here anyway! :)
Sleeping in the hospital

The five of us
Big Brother!

Night Night!


Colin and Abby